My Coolest Projects

I have a lot of projects, but here I have compiled a list of my favourite projects, including some of my biggest achievements.

  • BYTEsense is a Replit-hosted project built by me along with three other team members for Hack the North 2023. It is a prototype of a potentially life-changing tool which asks people to enter data after consuming a meal. Users give each meal a rating out of 3, and based on their ratings, BYTEsense will use LLMs, the OpenAI and Cohere APIs, and training data stored in a database to inform users how they will feel after consuming the meal. Our project won 2nd place for the “Best Hack Built on Replit” prize. We were one of 250 teams at Canada’s largest invite-only hackathon.
  • Volcano Judge is a Python Flask based online competitive programming platform and repository of problems from past competitions and olympiads hosted by users. It has hosted 10+ contests so far, boasts a collection of 50+ problems, and has a userbase of 100+ competitive programmers.

Open-Source Projects

Since I frequently use GitHub, I have quite a few open-source projects in a variety of languages. Below is a table of interesting projects in no particular order.

Closed-Source Projects

I also have various projects which aren’t open-source. Here’s a list.