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A quick & simple guide to getting started with Thatformworks

In August 2022, I started a project that, once complete, would allow me to make HTML contact/reservation forms work. By January 2023, I completed a simple working version of this project - and decided to make it open for everyone as a free service. In this post, I go through the steps to use Thatformworks to make your HTML forms function properly.

There are two methods you can choose from to access Thatformworks:

  • Send a request quickly and efficiently online.
  • Make a pull request and merge with the GitHub repository.

I’d recommend the first option since I very rarely check for pull requests and merging it would be a lengthy process. On the other hand, sending a request online is very simple and will get your forms working in no time at all!

Option 1 - Sending an online request:

In order to send an online request, navigate to the Thatformworks website. Next, type in your email address and submit the form! Soon, a team member will contact you regarding the setup of Thatformworks. It is usually a quick, free, and simple process.

Option 2 - Creating a pull request:

In order to create a pull request, visit the GitHub repository and make the request. It will likely take a long time to be reviewed and merged, which is why the first option is preferred.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope it helped you!